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Welcome on to the LAE site

Lae S.r.l. is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of grills for industrial fans worldwide.

From being a small company in the ‘70s Lae has continuously grown and has increased its manufacturing capacity through constant and important technological investments,as well as fast and efficient management and distribution methods, most of all, maintaining a constant and high attention for what concerns its customers’ needs.

Our products

The fan grills are used in various sectors, such as for instance air conditioning, cooling, heating, zootechny, agriculture and earth-moving machines, automotive, renewable energy production plants (wind farms) and so forth.


LAE griglie

Griglie complete


The fan grills have to prevent all possible accidents caused by accidentally touching a working or moving fan. Therefore the grills have to be accurately engineered and manufactured according to the safe working practices in force, comply with the noise criteria of the fans whilst allowing a normal flow of air. The quality of the grills is therefore essential.

Our innovative, high-quality and competitive products, are aimed at the leading companies worldwide operating within this sector.

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